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About Us

ellis-felkerIt was 40 years ago that I sold my very first RED OAK card from my booth on the State Street Mall in Madison, Wisconsin. It was a photo I had taken of a farmhouse in a deep, snowy winter. The woman who bought it told me she was sending it to her friend in Tahiti who missed the winter.

I knew with that very first sale that selling my cards was going to be a great adventure. And it has been just that! The card business has taken me from Hawaii to Maine, to Ireland and England, through Northern Europe and down to Italy, all in search of those magical moments that become RED OAK cards.

I have met thousands of people along the way – photographers, artists, shop keepers, sales reps, and corporate executives and all of us connected by my artistic quest.

I am grateful, humbled and amazed that it has all worked out. Not exactly according to plan, but rather with much serendipity. I have learned to surf the waves with this card business. I have learned to follow my intuition and to be faithful.

Who knows how many more years it will last? But I am enjoying the ride and I thank you all for coming along.

Here’s to the future!

Ellis Felker, publisher